My Growing Girl

My baby girl is nine months old as of last weekend!  Where has the time gone?  You know, my kiddos are the reason I got into photography.  I just didn't want to miss anything.  It's also the reason I want to stay affordable so that families capture these moments as often as possible. 

We all know it flies by and things change rapidly (I know this personally since my baby brother just started high school today!).  

So, my little girl was all dressed and the sun's setting light was beautiful so we had a little mini session of our own.  I love this grin!  I can't get it out of her near as much as her daddy can though.


  1. Beautiful light! You're really talented. And it doesn't hurt that Brooke is super duper cute!!! OMG Buddy is in high school now? He was just a baby a few years ago. My how time flies.

  2. Adorable girl.

  3. I love her little grin.Oh,what a darling little girl.I cant believe she's already crawling time passes so fast!


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