Some Sweet Folks...

I love photographing this family.  I feel like I've gotten to know them well.  So well, that big bro was completely comfortable during our session.

 He was so sweet and happy.  We had a blast!

The Brave "H" Family...

Oh it was a very cold, windy day during this session.  I'm glad there were no little ones because I don't think they would have been able to take it.  But these guys were pros!  They posed and smiled the best they could.  Aside from a few mouthfuls of hair, it was a very good session.

Great job, guys!  Hope to see you next year with a little less wind.  ;)

Cue the Pose...Bismarck Family Photographer

This sweet family was such a breeze to photograph.  They had lots of ideas and the kiddos...oh my!  They instantly fell into a perfect pose for every shot.  It almost felt like I wasn't even working at all.  :)

I mean adorable, right?  

Another year of family pics

This sweet family still gets together every year for Christmas pictures.  Every year!  No matter the distances that may separate them, the additions and responsibilities that come...they make it a priority.  I LOVE THAT!!!

And I loved capturing them!  They had such a good time making each other laugh and coming up with ideas of different groupings.  This is what photography is about!  It shouldn't be drag or a hassle.  It should be a memory in the making...a wonderful memory!

A girly girl... Bismarck Newborn Photographer

I met this sweet little girl  a few weeks ago.  She is so precious.  And mom and her dressed up like a little baby girl should be!  Simple, sweet, with a touch of flair!  Oh, she just melted my heart.

Loved this idea mom had for her baby announcement! 

Using All Props...

When I met up with this sweet family, big brother was not too excited about pictures.  We chatted and played a bit but he was still a little reserved...

Until we found this stick!  Oh boys and their sticks...I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.  In no time at all, he was chasing away evil dragons and running around with the cutest, curious face!

Little brother didn't mind me at all and gave me some sweet smiles too!

What a neat family!

A Baby Announcement...

This sweet family contacted me about doing a session to announce their new baby!  I was so excited to celebrate them...even before closed loved ones knew.  

How sweet will this big brother be??

Newborn Love

Who can resist a little newborn love?  

We did this session right in my own living room!  I just love these little guys and had so much fun with them.  Baby brother was so happy to be with me that he couldn't even sleep.  ;)  I couldn't believe it...he stayed up for all one and a half hours, with this little peek:

My Favorite Guest...

Meet the featured guest star of this session:

I'm talking about that sweet pup!  I have only had a couple sessions with animals but this was by far my favorite.  This dog was so well behaved and calm.  She was kindly protective of the kiddos, too.  Makes me want one just like her!  It's no wonder she's so sweet though because this is one of my favorite repeat clients.  They are so fun and easy to shoot.

They are all so relaxed and comfortable with each other.

I love getting to know families individual and their dynamics with each other!  
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