One Full Session - Bismarck Family Photographer

Typically a session for me involves:
1.  Meeting the family.
2.  Letting them interact with each other while they get used to me and the camera (this is mainly for kiddos).
3. Occasionally posing them.
4. Doing some more creative or silly shots.
5.  Wrapping up with any ideas mom or dad may have.

Well...this session was all that and more.  

Meet lil Riley.

Absolute doll, right?

Then insert best friend, Gizzy.

Why stop there with the animal kind, right?  We also met a sweet little lady bug that made her camera debut in this session.

And had time for a couple snacks.

(You know you are a pretty girl when you even look cute eating!)

And with all that, can you believe we even had time to get some sweet family shots?

If you can believe, it was even more fun in person!  :)

More of My Family - Bismarck Family Photographer

Some of my favorite people came to visit last week!  I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of them and had such a blast doing so.  Check out my favorites:

I miss them so much already!  They are so wonderful...even if they put fingers in their noses while I am trying to get some good pictures.  :)

Down by the River - Bismarck Family Photographer

Last week was very busy!  It was nonstop for me and I usually like it that way, but to be honest, toward the end of the week I was starting to get a little tired.  I felt a wave of energy come over me when I met this lil guy though...

He was so sweet and happy!  I'll admit, at first I don't think he liked me or at least my camera...yea that sounds better...he didn't like my camera.  But it wasn't long, before he let me in, er, the camera in on his joy.  He was throwing rocks into the river with reckless abandon.  And finally threw in some sweet smiles.

How can you resist this?

He was pretty excited about having a baby sister on the way, too.  When I asked him where she was, he ran up to mama and hugged that growing belly, dirty hands and all!

There was so much love in this session.  Thanks guys!  Hope to see you again soon.

Fun Fivesome - Bismarck Children Photographer

I met these fun kiddos yesterday.  They started out a little shy, but when they got a little more comfortable, we really had a blast!  I even got a few funny faces out of them...that always does the trick.  :)   

The Floridian in me really felt for this little girl!  The wind picked up as soon as we got out to the park and she was chilly.  She still put on a smile for me.

 Such a beautiful family!  Such sweet smiling faces!  

And such a happy, happy baby girl!

I hope this guy gets to rent a paddle boat soon.  He saw them at the park and it's all he could talk about during our session!  I had such a nice time with this whole family...thanks for hanging out with me "P" family!
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