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My husband had me a little flustered a couple weeks ago when he asked me to go to Montana for a week with only a day's notice!  We (meaning him) are somewhat spontaneous but that was a little much for my organizationally obsessed mind.  But, we decided to make it work....only after a shoot with this lovely family:

I am so glad it worked out because they were wonderful to capture.  The weather was a little chilly but it kept us on our least it was sunny.

Have I mentioned how much I love kiddos?

Sweetness runneth over, right?  :)

Oh, so precious!

Well, we are finally back and I am all caught up on editing.  Whew!  Now to get ready for my November sessions.  Remember, this month's special is a FREE custom designed Christmas Card*.

Hope to see you soon!

{Ashley H}

*November Christmas Special:  A custom designed Christmas Card in your choice of 4 x 6 or 5 x 7/Horizontal or Vertical layout for you to print as you like.  This is only the digital file, printing/envelopes/mailing will be your responsibility.  Design will contain a few of the best shots and be included on your pictures' disc.

"G" is for Gee, He's cute! - Bismarck Photographer

Meet this little guy...he is 6 weeks old and so hug-able!  I have to admit, I had a little baby fever after seeing him cuddle with his mama before our session started.  Can't you see why?

I just love their tiny little features.  Every bit of them is just so perfect!

Yet again, I am so thankful I do what I do!

Little "A" - Bismarck Baby Photographer

I met such a sweet little boy yesterday.  He was so smiley and relaxed.  Very mature for 7 months. :)

And curious...

(love this face of concentration)

They were just a wonderful family to work with.  That lil boy sure does love his mommy and daddy.

Corn Stalks & Alfalfa Fields - Bismarck Family Photographer

A couple weeks ago, I took my own kiddos out for a little shoot.  Now that I am in "the biz" of photography, I like to save the practicing/trying things out for my own kids.  We have a some property just to the north of us with vast corn and alfalfa fields.  When you are in the middle of them you hardly realize you are still in North Dakota's capital city.  It's just beautiful and calm.  So, the family loaded up and tried some pictures in the beautiful light and scenery.

I just love the yellow haze from the setting sun! 

It looks like we might still get a little bit of fall.  (I was doubtful when we had 40s as the high this week!)  In the 10 day forecast, there were several days with highs in the 60s!  If you want to sneak in a fall session before the cold weather hits and all those beautiful leaves are gone, please email me at to set it up.  Also, I have a special offer for the month of November.  If you sign up for a family session, I will design a custom Christmas card with your best shots!  Only 5 spots open!

Girly Girls & Frilly Things - Bismarck Baby Photographer

Another session full of cuteness!  Check out these girly girls...

The pair are destined to be best friends.  Their moms sealed it at their births!  :)  They were so sweet and the older one was constantly watching the littler one!  It was just too sweet.


I can't get enough of all the pink and frills!

Class of 2013 - Senior Pictures

I was able to sneak in a session with this kid, er...  6'4 senior the other day before the snow came (something I am still disillusioned about).  I had to correct myself because I had a brief moment when his mom asked me to do the pics that I thought "Why?  He's only 14."  But reality set in...he's not 14!  We have known him for awhile and I just can't believe he is a senior this year and graduating.   He should only be 14! (And no, the height didn't make me think he was older, I think he has been six feet since he was 10!  lol)

He even brought a few props to our session at the Capitol, including his baby brother.  (Side Note:  A baby is really the best prop! You just can't go wrong!)  But I love these shots with his guitar, too.

Congratulations, class of 2013!

A Lovely Fall Session

I met this wonderful family yesterday.  They were a pleasure to work with and that baby girl...oh man, she is so beautiful.

How could you not kiss those little cheeks?

I don't think dad will mind me saying this, but she's gotten him wrapped around her little finger.  :)

I had a wonderful afternoon looking at you, baby girl!  Happy 3 months!
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