Not One But TWO!

Get ready for cuteness overload with not just ONE but TWO sweet babies...

I mean they are mind blowing adorable, right?  Sure I had to chase them down a few times but look at these faces. It's like they were made to model for Gap or something!   :)

The E Family Stuns Again...

One of my favorite clients had their yearly session last week and we had so much fun amidst the swarm of mosquitos.  Seriously, it's fall and those things are still in full force.  I had to edit out SIX  of those black parasites from these poor kids' faces.  Unreal!  Note to self:  always pack bug spray...really...and don't forget next year like every other year.

But, back to this family... aren't they just adorable?

They totally did the handholding all on their own...insert heart eyed emoji!

Pretty sure I got the biggest smile out of this guy when it was just him and the Mrs.  So sweet...

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