Some "C" Love - Bismarck Photographer

Get ready for some of the most amazing brown eyes you have ever seen.  Meet little boy "C" and his big eyes!

 I got a workout chasing him around.  He is so adventurous and daring - no self preservation instincts as his mom says!  :)

I know this family but, as I have said before, it was great getting to know them more.  We covered a lot of the capitol grounds, amidst an apparent charity walk.  Whoops!  :)  It was such a blast.

What a fun boy.

More Twins...and Boys!

I finished up my week of twin boys!  Look at these cuties...

Ah-dorable as I like to say!  We even fit in big brother.

Some "S"weet kids...

I mentioned on my Facebook page how much of a joy it is to photograph amazing people.  I get to know some better or meet new people that I never would have normally.  These fun kiddos happen to be part of the former and I really enjoyed seeing another side of them.

My first set of twins!  (I have another set to photograph this weekend!)

 And a sweet little sister.

Just the perfect little group!  Although little sis did inform me she would like a little sister.  :)

For some crazy reason, a limbo challenge broke out in the middle of the session.  I have no idea how this happened.  Oh wait...twin boys and random sticks...I think we found our answer.

This was such a fun group!

The "W" Clan

I am from Florida.  (I warned you that I would mention this often)  One thing I have noticed while living in North Dakota is the abundance of beautiful little blondes!  I don't mean to exclude any adorable brunettes - there are plenty of them too.  But when you see these pics, you will know why I have blond on the mind:

Just a bunch of beautiful blondes.  They were just peaches!

My Lovely Relatives

I have some absolutely adorable nieces and nephews.  I mean really...they are the cutest 17 kids you have ever seen.  :)  Yes, I said 17.  I come from a small family and love it, but I have also come to love the craziness of my husband's big family!  I was able to take some pictures of some of those said nieces and nephews last week.  

I told you!  Adorable, right?

"J" Family Fun!

I was honored to take pictures of another wonderful family a couple days ago!  I had such a hard time deciding which ones to post, but alas eeny meeny miny mo had its way.  We did shots on various areas of their property and it was just beautiful.  The subjects helped!  :)

There you have it, another wonderful family with smiles that abound.
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