Another Teeny Tiny Weetle Baby...Bismarck Newborn Photography

Babies are everywhere these days!  I know so many people that have had a baby in the last few months.  Must have been a slow winter last year. ;)  Here is the newest lil man I had the privilege to photograph:

Meeting Sweet Baby "M" - Bismarck Newborn Photography

I had the sweet privilege of meeting this little baby girl just months after I took pictures of her in mama's belly. 

I am always grateful when I have repeat clients and can see how their family has changed.  So, I thoroughly enjoyed this session.  :)  When a new baby comes along, so many things change for the big siblings.  This family could not do a better job of making sure big bro is properly prepared for this little one.  They are just so sweet and have such a special bond with each other.  Big bro adores his baby sister.  How could he not?  :)

Congrats on your Thanksgiving miracle!

My Newest Nephew - Bismarck Newborn Photographer

I was able to meet my newest nephew last week while on vacation.  I am SO THANKFUL it worked out and that he was still at such a little stage.  Those first few months go by so quickly.  He was absolutely perfect.  I couldn't get enough of him!

I'm having some baby blues already missing this guy!  Love you buddy!
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