Looking Ahead...

I have some changes coming and I am super excited about them! Read on for the details:

My go to style is bright, simple and natural.  But, I love seeing some darker, more dramatic images.  I also love being able to reach new clients.  So, I have added a new edit to the Ashley Haveman Photography family.  :)  It's a matte finish.  Here's a sample:



I love it!  Especially for the upcoming winter season. 

Now, not to sound like an informercial, BUT...THERE'S MORE!!!!
Due to an absolutely crazy fall season (my own fault  - over scheduling and third trimesters don't mix), I have decided to restructure my sessions and try to make my business a little more efficient.  I invested in some new gear and have decided to raise prices slightly (a first in THREE years for me). Unfortunately, I had a few sessions with late cancellations or no shows this year.  This is very hard on a small business.  I often pay/schedule a baby sitter, spend time replying to messages, drive time, loading of props/gear, etc.  All to just be stood up or left with an empty slot in an otherwise busy schedule.  I am very thankful it's only happened a handful of times but, for the security of my business, I will now require a contract and deposit.  So, I have attached the sessions for 2018.  Please take a look:

If you don't want to wait until 2018 to take advantage of the new Matte edit, it's just an additional $20 added to your session fee.  Many of the details listed above have been part of my business for awhile but sometimes it's good to let you all know specifics!  I truly love my clients and make it my top priority to give you timeless, precious images.  I think with the new focus, I will be able to achieve this even better!

Not One But TWO!

Get ready for cuteness overload with not just ONE but TWO sweet babies...

I mean they are mind blowing adorable, right?  Sure I had to chase them down a few times but look at these faces. It's like they were made to model for Gap or something!   :)

The E Family Stuns Again...

One of my favorite clients had their yearly session last week and we had so much fun amidst the swarm of mosquitos.  Seriously, it's fall and those things are still in full force.  I had to edit out SIX  of those black parasites from these poor kids' faces.  Unreal!  Note to self:  always pack bug spray...really...and don't forget next year like every other year.

But, back to this family... aren't they just adorable?

They totally did the handholding all on their own...insert heart eyed emoji!

Pretty sure I got the biggest smile out of this guy when it was just him and the Mrs.  So sweet...

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful time with my Mommy & Me sessions the last couple of weeks.  I wanted to thank all my wonderful clients and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

Little Sweet "T"

Sweet Little "T" had her 4 month session recently and she was ready!  Mama brought some adorable outfits and she was full of smiles and giggles.  She would coo at me and looked right into the camera. She's a pro!  Can't wait to see her in a couple more months.  :)

Back to the Grind...

I had a wonderful vacation in Montana the last couple weeks.  The beauty there is amazing!  I'm back though and have a full plate on my hands with Mommy & me sessions...stay tuned!

Mommy & Me Minis

It's finally here!!!  It's almost April and it's time to book your mini.  :)  Calling all Mamas who want some sweet images of their littles this Mother's Day!  Schedule one of these minis in the month of April and I guarantee your images to be ready within a week.  That way you are sure to have printed memories by your special day.  I have some fun props and accessories available and a few fun spots to pick from.  

If you have any questions, please contact me via the options listed to the right...Facebook, phone, email, text, etc!  I am always available for tips on wardrobe and accessories, too.  Don't miss out.  Spots are limited!  

You Never Know...

You know that saying, "I don't know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future."  It's amazingly true.  You never know what a day may hold.  This precious peach was nice and comfy inside of mama when she decided it was time to see the world.  Well, on the way to the hospital for delivery of this little blessing, her family's SUV slid on the ice and collided with a tow truck parked in the middle of the road.  I can't imagine the panic that Mom or Dad felt.  I can't imagine the daze you would enter when you are not only in that scary situation but also have FOUR other children to check on in the back AND you are holding this anxious cargo ready to make her debut.  Wow, right?  I happen to know this family and they handled the situation with such patience and grace.  Whew! I'm sure I would have had an panic attack! An ambulance arrived to pick up mom, while the rest of the family waited on friends to arrive.  It was only a short drive to the hospital but this girl wasn't waiting any longer.  She made her first cries in that very ambulance just a couple miles from the hospital.  All ended up safe and healthy!  What a miracle and what a joy!

"Safety is of the Lord." - Proverbs 21:31

Six Months Young...

 Ah, six of my favorite ages.  The middle of babydom.  The start of cooing into actual sounds.  The incessant smiles when mom and dad are near.  It's such a fun phase but as they say, "passes too quickly."  Right?  This little guy was such a sweetheart and his parents...awesome.  I can just tell. ;) 

One + One

I have captured oodles of images over the course of the past two years for this family.  Their sweet girl "P" is always a little shy at first but then that bursting personality spills out.  Well, they've added another little girl!  I was so excited to meet her as well last month.  Big sister is thoroughly enjoying her new position.  And this baby...cutest cheeks and dark hair you will ever see!

Happy Valentines Day!

I found the absolute best way to start your internet browsing on this Valentine's of my favorite families that truly shows the sweetest love every tie I put them in front of the camera.  They are the real deal...

And these babies are getting so big.  From crawling to walking and talking, that first year goes so fast but is filled with such memorable and life changing moments. 

Love these guys!

Reunion Session

Most of my sessions around the new year are of sweet families reuniting.  What a wonderful objective with that short time...capture the moment in the best possible way!

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