A Wonderful Bismarck Session...

I typically have time for two locations when doing an hour session but these guys were such pros!  The kids had perfect little smiles and sweet spirits the whole time.  We were able to fit in FOUR locations!  It was so fun and I even found a couple spots I've never used before.

Brother and Sister were very sweet to each other.  I had to ask if my little boy and girl would act like this in time (as I type, they are pulling each others' hair out - literally).  Mom assured me it was for pictures, but I don't know...seems pretty genuine.  :) 

Thank you so much "K" family for being my guinea pigs!  Hope you LOVE your pictures.

More Redheads...

Last week, I gave you a sneak peek of one adorable little redhead girl.  Well, this week I have not one, two, not even three but FOUR redheads for you!  I LOVE it!  

Here is that adorable, genuine, and oh-so-rare family:

Aren't they just sweet?  These big blues got me as soon as I met him:

And talk about baby fever.  :)

(These are the moments photographers dream of!)

They were so great!  I hope to see you all again soon.

Happy 2nd lil "A"

 I had the privelage of taking pictures of this sweet little girl last week.

She reminds me so much of my little girl.  Then, after hearing they shared the same birthday, I knew why!  They are just little sparks of life.  So fun and adorable!

 I loved her red hair!  Red heads are very rare and special: less than 2% of world's population actually.  I have several other facts if you are interested (the result of being a redhead myself - people are inclined to tell you these things!).  She is such a beautiful little girl and we had so much fun!

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