Some New Friends...Bismarck Family Photography

I met some new friends today.  These sweet people:

What a wonderful, growing family!  I had fun with them in their very own background.  It was beautiful...I might need to rent it out for my next session!  It even had its own built in props:

Sticks and leaves abound!  :)

Big sister was such a sweetie...

With some spunk ;)

And these big brown eyes...

Be still my heart!  What a smile, too:

 The newest addition, at just 9 days old, was beyond precious.  The whole family was in love with him and who could blame them!

Thanks for spending time with me, ya'll!

Two of the Sweetest Brothers I've Ever Met...

I did this session last week with such a nice family.  They were great together.  My favorite were these lil guys.

They were seriously the sweetest brothers.  Just a few of the things I heard from one of them to the other:

"I got ya, don't worry.  You won't fall."
"Yea, I love him."
"Just rest your head on my hand if it's tired." 

If this is normal for brothers, sign me up for a boy with my next baby!  :)

Mom assured me they are still little boys that fight, but they definitely seemed like best friends.  I really enjoyed this family!

Happy Baby for Happy Weekend...

It's the weekend, ya'll!!  And what better way to brighten it than this little cutie:

Not even a year, this lil girl was a pro!  I was so impressed with her.  She didn't fuss a bit and had such a sweet smile.  She seems wise beyond her years, er, months.  :)  They were such a wonderful family and I really enjoyed my time with ya'll!

Bunch of Blondes - Bismarck Family Photography

I had the chance to photograph my photographer last week!  I have always felt regular family pictures are important.  That's why my family also gets them done on a yearly basis!  I have really enjoyed getting to know Jill and her family.  They are a bunch of cuties:

With their newest addition:

This is another session I would term "Lifestyle Photography."  Again, it's some of my favorite work because everything is so genuine.  A family together at home, what's more beautiful?

Big sisters were fighting over little brother...literally!  He's going to be so loved!  (And smushed)  :)

 Congrats on your newest!  And bless your little family!


You may have noticed that I have a new logo!  Since starting last year, I had played around with a couple designs that I wasn't crazy about.  With little love for them, I could never bring myself to invest in a lot of branding materials.  Unfortunately, you can't run a business without investing in some branding & marketing materials.  So...after some more playing, I finally made one that I really REALLY like. (This is my way of asking you not to complain about it!)  My goal:  something simple but fun; after all, I prefer to specialize in children photography!  

So, finally, here are my new business cards:

Feel free to "pass them out" aka email them or send friends here to the blog!  Also, Facebook has a new review option for businesses.  If you have worked with me before, I'd love the feedback! 

Thank you so much to my current clients and future clients.  You really make me enjoy my job!

More Sweet, Familiar Faces - Bismarck Photographer

You may have seen this little guy on the blog before.  He & big brother are buddies with my two kiddos.  Oh, they are a hoot!

Little brother is such a funny boy.  We actually caught him doing a sumo wrestler dance during the session.  It was hilarious!  They are both very active boys.  Their  mama (& daddy for that matter) are some special people!  We are blessed to call them friends.

This is big brother!  He has the sweetest smile.

And he's getting so big and strong!

This may just seem like a little boy walking to you, but to me these two little legs are so very special.  We have been praying for this boy for so long and the Lord has continued to bring him through his surgeries.  He is really starting to grow these days...and after 4 years, he's walking!  I'm so proud of him and seeing him always brings a smile to my face!
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