It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I am a Florida girl at heart.  HOWEVER, I am falling more and more in love with North Dakota.  Yes, I do still prefer HOT HOT sunny days.  :)  But...when it comes to photographing beautiful families, there's nothing like the midwest prairie fall light.  And it's that time of year now!  The glowing light was just beautiful the evening I met this fun family:  

These kiddos had so much personality.  And it was quite the coincidence that they were all the same ages as my kids.  They won my heart with their big, unprompted smiles and bursting attitudes.

What a wonderful session!

Beaming in Blue - Family Photography

I like to vary my session locations.  I'm always out scouting and asking people if they know of certain spots.  But I often go back to the Heritage center.  There's so much variety, shade, and shelter.  You need that last one especially 'round these parts.  ;)  So, this family met me there for another fun shoot.  Get a load of these blue hues!  

How sweet is that bond??  Brothers...friends for life.  :)

Just Can't Say No...

So, I limited my schedule this year to ensure less stress and more family time!  Well, little did I realize, it would be a different stress to miss out on some of my favorite families.  After some consideration the thought popped in my head (at 2am no less) :


It's perfect!  :)  I will be having mini sessions Oct. 1st at MacDowell Dam.  To schedule, please email me at, message through Facebook or text 202.7777!!  

A Delightful Duo

How sweet are these cuties:

They just adore each other.  And is there anything more wonderful than a big, protective brother?  I can truly attest to the fact that he was the most wonderful kind...constantly watching over his little sis, pointing out bunnies to her, and gently suggesting safe trails.  We had fun!

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