A Couple of Sweet Sisters...

Last night, I went to McDowell Dam to photograph some sweet sisters.  They were so wonderful to meet.  It makes a photographer's job so much easier when subjects have smiles like these!

Little sister is quite the adventurer!  She was climbing and even had a fall in the water.  She couldn't resist getting her feet wet and before we knew it, she was down in the water...all smiles.  It didn't phase her a bit...she kept playing and running around.

 Big sister had some fun of her own.  She's got skills and is totally Olympic bound.  :)

And there you have it...a couple of very sweet sisters.  I had a blast meeting yall!


  1. They are all so wonderful!! You do amazing work!!

  2. I love the pictures they are so cute!Good job Ashley!!

  3. Amazing! What beautiful subjects. The light is awesome, too.


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