Blue Skies & Smiling Faces

We had perfect weather the night of this session.  There was a diffusing haze over the sun, bright blue skies, and happy kiddos.  LOVE THAT COMBINATION!  :)

A Sweet Fam & A Helpful Tip

I got to see this lovely family again and I'm going to miss them until we can meet again!  The twins are so fun and the love they all have for each other is adorable.  It may sound trite, but...I LOVE MY JOB!  Scroll down to see more sweet images of them and a SPECIAL TIP! :)


I can't say it enough but if you aren't sure how your kiddos are going to do on a session, bring reinforcements!  These tykes have gotten to know me, but each session it still takes them a bit to warm up (totally normal).  Well, mama brought their puppy with as well as grandma!  And boy, was it a good idea!  They were all smiles when their sweet puppy came out.  And grandma was a HUGE help watching over them and inserting fun or silly songs.

And we even got to snap a picture of mom and grandma.

Oh, one of my favorite sessions with this family!  

Reunion Time!

What does your family do when they all get together?  I know my family reunions consist of enjoying the outdoors, partaking in needless shopping, watching the kiddos play with their cousins, consuming yummy foods and massive amounts of coffee (not me, but my in laws have a problem.)  Well, another important part of reunions...PICTURES!  I know it can be a bit of a stress getting everyone together and dressed nicely, even if it's only for a short time.  A reunion should be relaxing, right?  But, this family, like many others, knows that capturing these rare and special moments is important!  I am so glad I was able to capture their time together and snap some shots of the sweet individual families.

Do you have a reunion coming up?  Contact me NOW to get on the schedule!  Reunion sessions are so important and you don't want to miss out.  If you wait, it gets easier to just not do it.  Then, before you know it, the reunion is over and you're regretting not having those moments captured professionally.  :)

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