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Ashley, the Photographer:

As stated on the side bar...I am a southern girl from Florida.  I have always had a love for photography which grew infinitely when I got my first digital camera ten years ago.  I had a blast with that little Kodak!  Then, over seven years ago one of the greatest days of my life took place: I married my dream guy.  It was so amazing and perfect...all until I got my pictures back.  We decided, due to my love and appreciation of good photography, to invest in one of the greatest photographers around.  Well, unbeknownst to me, he didn't give us the time of day when we decided not to go with his largest package including engagement session, bridal portrait, and full set of images.  He put little effort into our day.  He didn't capture me or my husband's personality at all.  He didn't edit any pictures and wouldn't respond to any of my emails when I asked for minor edits (like a groomsman with his eyes closed).  I was distraught.  I cried.  I still do on occasion!  (Slight exaggeration there)  But to sum it up:  photographers can be difficult.

I BRIEFLY thought that that pride in what you can create with that little medium was dangerous and I put away my camera.  A few years later, my husband bought me an amazing Canon.  Shortly after that, we had our first child!  I remembered how much I loved photography again.  I remembered how amazing it is to capture a moment and make it last a lifetime.  I began to study like crazy.  I read countless books and blogs on portraiture, lighting, etc.  I enrolled in college again!  After a couple years of classes, we were blessed with our second child and I decided to focus on my little ones instead of college.  Then it hit me last year, I could still take pictures!  I began doing some sessions for friends and even a wedding.  The Lord worked everything out.  Every session lined up with when my husband could watch the kids.  I got an amazing deal on my professional lenses.  Word of mouth grew my clientele more than I imagined. That was that...I was in business.  I still appreciate the joy photography brings me.  I love getting to know people and trying to capture their personalities and relationships.  Photography is truly an amazing thing! 

My Style:

I prefer simple and vibrant.   It's my goal to make your pictures look real, natural and true to you.  I edit my RAW images minimally in Lightroom and occasionally Photoshop.  I only use my own edits and not purchased actions.  I spend an extensive amount of time on every picture you will see even though it looks so simply edited.  I want it to look the best it can without applying unrealistic qualities.  People should look at my work and think "Oh, that's such a cute baby...that photographer really got her personality" and not "Oh, that photographer really knows her Photoshop."  A wise photographer once said, "Just because you know how to do that in Photoshop, doesn't mean that you should."  SO TRUE!

I hope my photography can be a blessing to you and your family.  Please contact me with any questions:  701.202.7777 or

Thanks Ya'll!

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