Earning a Treat - Bismarck Children's Photographer

You can never tell if a child will be happy or grumpy or just uncomfortable during a session.  It's a hard thing for their little selves to comprehend.  Usually, the photographer is a stranger or at best, an acquaintance.  The surroundings are not the usual for them either.  And they are put in the spotlight for an hour!  I have kiddos of my own so I am acutely aware of these difficult facts!  :)  And most of the time, with a little patience, I am able to get some good shots.

Occasionally, everything aligns just right and we get a really happy subject.  That was true for this little girl!  I couldn't believe how smiley and silly she was, even strutting around the path.  This was my second session with her so maybe she remembered me and it helped, but man, she earned a special treat that evening!

Good girl, little R!  I can't wait to meet your baby sister and see you all again soon!

Some Senior Pics - Bismarck Senior Photographer

I typically focus on children and family photography but when I was asked to do this senior session, I was happy to oblige.  This girl is special!  A close friend and such a sweet spirit.  I can't believe she's graduating.  Time goes by so fast, doesn't it?

I love that the grass is green and trees are starting to bloom.  It's about time!  And they make pictures so much better.  :)

Ruby Slippers & Pink Bows - Bismarck Children Photography

Maybe it was the big pink bow or the glitter Dorothy slippers but this little girl stole my heart.  She just had the sweetest little grin!  She is also the same age as my little girl and they share similar personalities too.  I just love meeting little ones and their families.

One sweet and fun little family!

The Lovely "L" Fam - Bismarck Family Photography

I was able to get the family story of this group during our session.  They were such a treat for me.  Happy, fun, and honest!  It was a delight to get to know them better and hear how their family came to be.

 It was so easy to get them to smile!  A true testimony to them as a happy.

Apraxia Walk - Bismarck Photography

One of my lovely clients coordinated the 2014 Apraxia Walk last weekend and asked if I would be a part.  Things are getting so busy with summer in full swing but I really wanted to capture this event!  It was my first charity walk and the people were so great.  I knew they would have some activities so I even brought my kids along.  We had a blast!

The guests of honor were presented with medals!  It was so sweet and humbling to realize that some of these kids have been through more struggles at their young age than I have.  You could almost see it in their eyes too...little, sweet but fierce fighters!

The event was sponsored by Red Door...some people I personally know are so patient, kind and giving to their clients.   It was a wonderful time!

Why I like to Blog...

One of my favorite parts of photography is getting to know people.  I've noticed a new trend with photographers.  They are using Facebook more and more as their portfolio.  It's time consuming for photographers to update things so they are understandably blogging/updating their website less and less.  Like I said, it's understandable but I don't think I will ever be able to completely hop on that bandwagon.

 I really like blogging.  I feel like I'm journal-ing my sessions.  I think back on the funny things the kiddos did or the good advice a mom may have given me.  I sometimes note things about the location.  It's so beneficial for me to recap the event.  And I feel like it draws me closer to the family.  I say all that to say if you use me as a photographer, I look forward to it being a friendship.  I want to get to know your children as they grow.  I think it's one of the greatest ways to get children relaxed, knowing the photographer.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every client I have met.  Many of them have already returned for subsequent sessions!  This couldn't make me happier...especially considering I've only been doing this for about a year now.  :)  Thank you so much for spending time with me!  I look forward to getting to know you all better!

To become a future client and friend :), please contact me.  My 2014 summer schedule is filling up.

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