Gerber Baby...Bismarck Baby Photographer

I present to you a possible future baby model for Gerber.  :)  That's the first thing I thought when I saw her perfectly round head, sweet cheeks, and tiny lips.  I hardly had to edit her.  She has the prettiest smoothest skin...I know, I know...she is a baby. 

And such a pretty one!  Mommy said her aunties got her these cute, girly clothes.  Love it!

See you in a couple months little one!  

For those of you interested, I do have maternity and newborn packages available.  Please contact me for more information!

So Many Expressions - Bismarck Children's Photography

My, oh my, the expressions we can show with only our two eyes, ears, a mouth and nose (oh, maybe the occasional tongue).  This BIG four year old has them all down and I had so much fun capturing them!

Bright Days - Bismarck Family Photography

How perfect was it that I had a session lined up on one of the first, beautiful spring days of the year! And how perfect their brightly colored attire:

They were such a fun bunch...can't you tell!  Here's to many more lovely, bright days!

First Adoption Session - Bismarck Family Photography

I had the great privilege of photographing my first adoption session last week.  It was all I expected and more.  (Much more for this pregnant, hormonal woman!)  Talk about the tears flowing amidst great excitement.  In a word, it was SWEET. 

As the flight was unloading, the immediate family came closer to the doors.  I thought it was very considerate and wise for the friends to stand back a bit.  This new family member is already going through so many changes as she's adopted into this family.  I was fully prepared for her to be in hysterics with the overwhelming task of coming into this new country, new home, new family.  She was able to meet the family first and she did so great.

She stayed close to mom, a wonderful sign to me!  The rest of the kiddos were so glad to have mom and dad back, especially the youngest!

 Here he is meeting his new sister...

What a wonderful experience...for me!  I can only imagine how this new family must feeling, bursting with love and joy.  Congrats!!

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