A Recap... Bismarck Photographer

I am currently so busy doing sessions and editing that I haven't even had time to blog!  Any spare moments are spent loving on my kiddos after such a crazy summer...and taking care of our newest baby girl.  I am so thankful for wonderful clients that are a blessing to work with!  I have been the beneficiary of some patient and sweet folks.  Thank you, thank you!  I am completely booked through October but if you would like a session later this winter or around the holidays, please contact me soon.  

I am in the process of changing the business a little in the new year.  Keep up to date here or at for the news!  Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

The G Crew - Bismarck Family Photographer

Did you know Redhead day was this last weekend?  I did.  Because I am full of useless information...and I am a redhead.  People like telling me those tidbits.  They also think I know or am some way related to the other redheads of the world.  I don't mind...because we are.  ;)  Well, I decided to celebrate with some redheads!  Look at this pretty duo!

Perfect way to celebrate!  And of course dad joined in...

I had a blast meeting you and your GROWING family.  :)  Congrats and hope to see you soon!

The Awesome K Fam

I photographed this wonderful family last night.  It was my second time capturing their sweetness!  And I found out something else about them this time...they are patient AND tough.  We were absolutely swarmed by mosquitos the WHOLE time.  I couldn't believe it.  Those nasty bugs have been ridiculous the last couple of weeks.  But we endured...and got some fun shots!

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