A Session Under the Bridge...

With the late sunset these days, it's hard to fit in sessions for little ones.  They are normally in bed by 8/9pm (best light), or at least very tired by then.  So, I find most of my young families want to book right before or right after dinner.  Unfortunately (at least for photos), it's so bright and sunny at that time!  As a result, I have done a lot of scouting for some shady spots.  And this one is a classic fave.  The beautiful architecture of the bridge, the rocky spots, and views of the water, it's a very versatile choice!

And we hardly had to walk but a dozen steps!

This girl was a wonderful subject and was up for every little spot we put her in.  Such a sweetheart!

Happy almost 2nd Birthday to this little peach!  She's as sweet as she looks!  :)

Those Baby Blues...

I had another session with this great family.  We get to see each other a couple times a year and I find myself literally missing them by the time our next session comes up!  They are so fun and have such a sweet love with each other.  Mom Leslie is also a photographer so there's always lots to catch up on and new things for us to try out.  ;)

The most adorable blue eyed kiddos...

An Urban Setting...

I love trying some different spots when people are up for it. This sweet mom let me pick the spot and we had a blast in downtown Bismarck.  We walked some alleyways, had some smiles from some passerbys, and got some great shots of their fun family.  

This little guy was just full of smiles!  Such a happy go lucky spirit and such darling blue eyes!

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