Some Bubbly Brothers

I had the privelege of photographing some adorable brothers yesterday.  I feel like I say this a lot, but they were just precious.  What kid isn't, though, right?  So, here they are...little bro and big bro.  

Aren't they AH-dorable?  I mean really...those eyes and sweet skin!  Love 'um! 

Little brother was sweet and content the whole session.  I hear from his mommy that he is a smiler, but I was getting a lot of serious faces:

That's okay though.  I will take them when they are this cute!  Maybe he was a little suspicious of me?  The large camera and gigantic lens have to be a little sci-fi movie - ish.  PS - I LOVE the drool!  PPS - What isn't there to LOVE?

Then, we have big brother.  Like I have said before, I occasionally take my kids on shoots and they tagged along on this one. My little boy just loved big brother!  They could relate having baby siblings, ya know?  :)  They were running around playing and acting like dinosaurs. I {heart} my job!

Of course, they are adorable.  Look at their pretty mama:

So, there you have it!  Some sweet boys to kick off the weekend.  We will be back next week with more cuteness!  :)

Throwback Thursday

Another Throwback Thursday!  I think it excites me because it's so close to the weekend.   Do you get that feeling too?  

This week I am looking back at the 4th of July.  We have had an absolutely beautiful summer.  It's been so warm.  So much so...that my kids seem to always be in their undies/diapers most of the time!  

My son is mesmerized by fireworks.  He just loves them.  The noise, the colors, and best all of - the staying up late.

My daughter, well, she doesn't care as much.   But life is good if she's got her thumb.

Remember to catch everyday moments!  They make up more of your life than the posed ones!

A Fun Session at the Park

I know this sweet girl and her daddy from church.  They are such a blessing!  I was happy to do a shoot with her this past weekend.  Here are some of my favorites:

Look at that sweet and beautiful face!  So quiet and demure, but somehow you can still tell that this is right there waiting underneath:

She is definitely full of life, fun, and personality!

We had a blast gallivanting around McDowell Dam Park.  I would love to do it again some time.  :)

Throwback Thursday - Big Baby

I mentioned how my baby is now nine months old.  She is crawling everywhere and by the looks on her face, it seems she already has this world figured out.  For "Throwback Thursday," I thought I would share the newborn pictures I took of her when she was just a few days old.  You may say, "Oh wow, she doesn't look like a newborn."  Well, the Lord saw fit to give me ten pounders!  So, she doesn't look much like a newborn (10.5 to be exact).  

Sometimes, I kinda feel like I missed out on the newborn stage because my babies came out looking like two to three month olds!  But, I really wouldn't have it any other way.  And there ARE benefits to big babies.  My husband says he feels like he can hold them without worry.  They are stout!  They were both great eaters (obviously) and sleepers (sleeping through the night by 8 weeks).  I will take that!

I never worried when big brother wanted to help with his little sister either.  I figured she could take him out if she wanted to.  :)  They were content babies and usually went down for naps/bed without a peep (that may have to do with them being thumb suckers too).  So, there's my baby girl, nine months ago!  She amazes me everyday.  Her and her big brother could not be more loved!  We are so thankful to God that He saw fit to bring them into our lives.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Black and Whites

I prefer color shots.  I don't know exactly why, I guess I just like pictures that look exactly like real life.

However...I do like a nice black and white occasionally.  There is something about them.  They add drama to the setting and make the shot an instant classic in some cases.

See what I mean?  I love this shot and I feel like I stole a moment with it!

My Growing Girl

My baby girl is nine months old as of last weekend!  Where has the time gone?  You know, my kiddos are the reason I got into photography.  I just didn't want to miss anything.  It's also the reason I want to stay affordable so that families capture these moments as often as possible. 

We all know it flies by and things change rapidly (I know this personally since my baby brother just started high school today!).  

So, my little girl was all dressed and the sun's setting light was beautiful so we had a little mini session of our own.  I love this grin!  I can't get it out of her near as much as her daddy can though.

A Couple of Sweet Sisters...

Last night, I went to McDowell Dam to photograph some sweet sisters.  They were so wonderful to meet.  It makes a photographer's job so much easier when subjects have smiles like these!

Little sister is quite the adventurer!  She was climbing and even had a fall in the water.  She couldn't resist getting her feet wet and before we knew it, she was down in the water...all smiles.  It didn't phase her a bit...she kept playing and running around.

 Big sister had some fun of her own.  She's got skills and is totally Olympic bound.  :)

And there you have it...a couple of very sweet sisters.  I had a blast meeting yall!

A Photographer's Kids

Occasionally, I bring my kids out to shoots.  I love shooting in parks and they love parks!  So, why not?  They play with random things they pick up.

Toys from home.

And, my favorite, each other!

Mini Session #2

It was a wonderful morning today!  Why, you ask?  Well, I got to shoot another beautiful child.  She is such a peach...beautiful skin, gorgeous eyes...I hope her daddy is ready for the teenage years.  :)

Love these painted toe nails!

Mini Session #1

I had my first of a few FREE mini sessions this weekend (yes, I said free...make sure to keep up with the Blog and our Facebook page to find out how to win one).  It was a blast meeting this little boy.  He greeted me with a hug!  I couldn't believe it!  I am definitely in the right business.

Mom and Dad even brought his bike!

He was a trooper with all my shooting!  And he may be a future photographer...he was VERY interested in the "behind the scenes" of picture taking!

Sweet lil "E"

A few months ago, my friend had a beautiful and more importantly, healthy baby boy.  I took a few pics on one of our visits and wanted to share them with you. So, please meet sweet little Evan.

So adorable, right?  I just recently found an audio clip of my baby girl (now 8 months) crying at 1 week old.  Even their cries are precious and beautiful!

And aren't big brothers the best?  Love that protective nature.  :)

I hope to do many more newborn sessions.  They are just so precious and amazing, like all children, but the newborn stage is so short.  Make sure you capture that!

The little tree in front of the little Church

We go to the "Little White Church" in town.  Whenever I describe it like this, people seem to know what church I am talking about :).  So, awhile back, we took pictures of our little Sunday School kids out front of the "little tree" and I decided to feature some of them today for "Throwback Thursday!"

Here are a few of our cute boys:

Aren't they adorable?!  Maybe I will post some of our pretty girls will have to check. : )  Have a wonderful day!
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