Corn Stalks & Alfalfa Fields - Bismarck Family Photographer

A couple weeks ago, I took my own kiddos out for a little shoot.  Now that I am in "the biz" of photography, I like to save the practicing/trying things out for my own kids.  We have a some property just to the north of us with vast corn and alfalfa fields.  When you are in the middle of them you hardly realize you are still in North Dakota's capital city.  It's just beautiful and calm.  So, the family loaded up and tried some pictures in the beautiful light and scenery.

I just love the yellow haze from the setting sun! 

It looks like we might still get a little bit of fall.  (I was doubtful when we had 40s as the high this week!)  In the 10 day forecast, there were several days with highs in the 60s!  If you want to sneak in a fall session before the cold weather hits and all those beautiful leaves are gone, please email me at to set it up.  Also, I have a special offer for the month of November.  If you sign up for a family session, I will design a custom Christmas card with your best shots!  Only 5 spots open!

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  1. Brooke is soo cute! I love the backgrounds in the pics.


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