You Never Know...

You know that saying, "I don't know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future."  It's amazingly true.  You never know what a day may hold.  This precious peach was nice and comfy inside of mama when she decided it was time to see the world.  Well, on the way to the hospital for delivery of this little blessing, her family's SUV slid on the ice and collided with a tow truck parked in the middle of the road.  I can't imagine the panic that Mom or Dad felt.  I can't imagine the daze you would enter when you are not only in that scary situation but also have FOUR other children to check on in the back AND you are holding this anxious cargo ready to make her debut.  Wow, right?  I happen to know this family and they handled the situation with such patience and grace.  Whew! I'm sure I would have had an panic attack! An ambulance arrived to pick up mom, while the rest of the family waited on friends to arrive.  It was only a short drive to the hospital but this girl wasn't waiting any longer.  She made her first cries in that very ambulance just a couple miles from the hospital.  All ended up safe and healthy!  What a miracle and what a joy!

"Safety is of the Lord." - Proverbs 21:31

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