Boot Season...

We have had such a mild winter that my kids have hardly worn their winter boots!  It's weird, and unfortunate since I spent so much money for them and they will outgrow them next year.  BUT... they are getting some use out of their rain boots.  These easy to clean, durable shoes are my favorite for kids!  Especially when they come in some fun, bright colors.  I can't help but snap a few photos of them (after they have been thoroughly doused with the hose, what is it with kids and mud...even when you think there is none left!).  

And another favorite boot...the classic riding boot.  My little girl loves hers.  She says she feels like a cowgirl.  She was wrangling some invisible creatures the other day when she asked if I would take a picture of her.  Oh, to be young again!  Cute shoes that lift the imaginations!  I miss that, but seeing my kids experience it is something special, too.

Am I becoming a fashion blogger?  NO!!!!  I just thought I would share a couple of recent images in my own life and tell you that everyday things can be beautiful too!  You don't always have to have things neat and perfect!  Don't you just love life?!  Live it, capture it, share it!

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