Earning a Treat - Bismarck Children's Photographer

You can never tell if a child will be happy or grumpy or just uncomfortable during a session.  It's a hard thing for their little selves to comprehend.  Usually, the photographer is a stranger or at best, an acquaintance.  The surroundings are not the usual for them either.  And they are put in the spotlight for an hour!  I have kiddos of my own so I am acutely aware of these difficult facts!  :)  And most of the time, with a little patience, I am able to get some good shots.

Occasionally, everything aligns just right and we get a really happy subject.  That was true for this little girl!  I couldn't believe how smiley and silly she was, even strutting around the path.  This was my second session with her so maybe she remembered me and it helped, but man, she earned a special treat that evening!

Good girl, little R!  I can't wait to meet your baby sister and see you all again soon!

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