Break out the Hot Cocoa...

Well, folks, it's time to break out the Hot Cocoa!  It's beginning to FEEL like Christmas.  :)  This mama knew what she was doing getting a head start on Christmas cards. 

After this shot, I was warned by their sweet mama to "Watch out."  I looked over and a MOOSE, yes I said MOOSE, was charging toward us.  Thank the Lord, he darted down the pathway just behind these kiddos.  I was so shocked, I just stood there until said mama reminded me to "Take a picture!"  So, she not only got portraits but a wildlife shot.  :)  What a bargain.  LOL  If you want to see Mr. Moose, be sure to check out my Facebook page.

Thankfully, things died down and we got some more great shots after our adventurous guest.

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  1. Those are the cutest grandkids I have ever known Papa


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