A Session Under the Bridge...

With the late sunset these days, it's hard to fit in sessions for little ones.  They are normally in bed by 8/9pm (best light), or at least very tired by then.  So, I find most of my young families want to book right before or right after dinner.  Unfortunately (at least for photos), it's so bright and sunny at that time!  As a result, I have done a lot of scouting for some shady spots.  And this one is a classic fave.  The beautiful architecture of the bridge, the rocky spots, and views of the water, it's a very versatile choice!

And we hardly had to walk but a dozen steps!

This girl was a wonderful subject and was up for every little spot we put her in.  Such a sweetheart!

Happy almost 2nd Birthday to this little peach!  She's as sweet as she looks!  :)

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