Return from Vacation...

You know how people so often come back from vacation saying, "Ah, I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!"  Well, we purposed to not be saying this after our family vacation this year.  And I'm glad to say, it worked!

Our kids are getting older and my oldest is in school now which takes up so much of our time.  My husband is a Pastor and our church life is always very busy.  I realized this summer how sand is just pouring through the hourglass instead of the small trickle of years past.  The older the kids get, (and the more we have) life seems to be picking up speed like a snowball!  So, this trip we planned and expected little EXCEPT to spend time with each other.  We prayed for the trip to be good for us individually and as a family unit.  And how the Lord blessed that prayer!  I'm so thankful we had some time in the mountains to relax.  We visited Colorado and LOVED everyday spent there.  The views were spectacular.   The time relaxing by the pool was so needed. And the shopping was not a disappointment either.  

As I was away, I ignored many phone calls and messages.  I know without a doubt, I lost a few sessions because of this.  And my first reaction was disappointment.  I absolutely love doing photography and meeting families, working with kiddos.  It's a joy, not a job!  And perhaps much to your surprise, I like to edit too.  :)  But as my thoughts went back to the fun times my family had, I could not be disappointed for long!  I would gladly give up every session...and even my camera for those special memories with my family.  There will always be work to do, money to make, things to prepare, even hobbies to enjoy, BUT there won't always be little ones asking to play crazy 8 or I spy.  My kiddos won't always be falling asleep in the most uncomfortable positions in their carseats.  So, if I didn't return your message or phone call, I am sorry if that inconvenienced was for a good reason.  :)

So, now, I am back at it...while still snuggling my babies, don't worry! 

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