The Lovely "L"s...

So the "L" lovelies...such a sweet and fun family.  We photographers often say, "We had such a good time."  It sounds funny because doing a photo shoot can be full of stressful preparation but really, I enjoy every session I do!  And quite often, it seems like the subjects can finally relax after the preparations and enjoy themselves as well.  This sweet lady knows what both sides feels like.  My friend, Leslie, is a photographer as well and we really did "have a good time."  :)

I know what you're thinking...amazing eyes on those two, right?  

Well, you know what happens when they make babies ... GORGEOUS EYES!!! 

This little girl (and their lil guy) are just too cute for words...

You gotta love when boys look like their daddy and girls look like mama!  :)

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