One Big Happy Family - Bismarck Photographer

This is literally one big, happy family.  My husband had the privalage of being youth pastor to the three eldest.  We are thankful to have gotten to know this family.  You can not be around them without laughing!  So, I couldn't help but smile when mom, Wendy, arrived a little late informing me of their "Cheaper by the Dozen" moments prior to leaving for the shoot.  I mean just imagine a house with eight people getting ready for pictures...let alone a boisterous and beyond hilarious family like this one.  But then the story took a sad turn when Wendy hurt her hand.  The smile immediately left my face, but she's a trooper and the show went on.  She insisted she was okay...but you know moms.  :)  I sure hope you are doing better, Wendy!

Such a sweet family!

These friends are adopting another member soon.  I can't wait to meet her and I know this family can't wait to have that baby girl home and in their arms!   Hope and pray it's soon!

Adoption holds a special place in my heart.  If you or someone you know is adopting, please let me know.  I offer discount sessions for just such events.

Have a lovely week friends!

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