Becca's Shower & Event Photography Tips

Bridal Showers are such a beautiful thing!  All the girly things and the one-step-closer-to-walking-down-the-aisle thing...just make it wonderful.  However, from a photographers' perspective, Event Photography is a little difficult.  I thought I would give some tips for you in case you are taking pictures at a party or gathering of sorts.

 1.  Try to get the details.  Guests and Hostess will often forget about the little things that made the event look so beautiful.

2.  If you have a special event like a shower, don't be distracting.  You want to get shots of everything going on so the guest of honor can remember things vividly, but you don't want to take away from the moment.  If someone is in front of your shot (like the picture above), that's okay.  It creates layers and can actually increase the viewers' interest.  And saves you from having to run in front of everyone!

3.  Try to get shots the guest of honor may not have seen or been a part of. This beautiful bride-to-be will probably always remember that she gave  her and her fiance's story.  She may not have realized that her big sister was behind her exuding pride and joy.

 4.  Action shots are hard.  Lighting (like all pictures) is key.  That's why a flash was brought to this event, even though it was in the afternoon and had lighting.  If you are indoors, you always want to bring a flash. If it's bright, it will help fill light and if it's not bright, it will help your exposure.

 5. Many of the shots you will be getting at an event will be candid.  Unlike regular portrait sessions, people are there celebrating something, not to get their picture taken.  When capturing a candid shot (like the one above), try to get the person with a smile on their face.  This always makes for a lovely picture and it will be a natural smile!  

6. Another tip with candid shots...avoid people eating.  This never makes for a good picture!

7.  As things wind down, go around and ask people to take their picture.  Encourage them to be silly and to have fun with it.   While candid shots will definitely out number posed ones at an event, you still need to capture people actually looking at the camera.


 I hope those little tips will come in handy for some of you.  I had a lot of fun being at this gathering and taking pictures of some lovely ladies!

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